Our work


and predictive

We support your R&D team in the analysis and creation of digital prototypes aimed at reaching production with projects where the error rate is minimum.

We are a team of designers and analysts working together in compliance with ISO 9011:2015 certification standards to speed up the birth of innovative projects. We ensure your R&D team that, upon production, mechanical components, machinery and systems will provide the required performance and will be free from intrinsic structural issues or issues related to the action of thermo-fluid dynamic loads.

The combination of our skills allows us to respond to the needs of each and every industry, from aeronautics to energy production, from electronics to hydraulics, from automation to biomedical, both in the predictive analysis phases and in the actual design phases, supporting companies in developing new ideas in a short time and with amazing results.




We employ cutting-edge software and a Lean Thinking mindset to deliver flawless projects, which will increase your competitiveness on the market, while streamlining your product industrialization process.


FEM analysis

Thanks to mathematical simulations we can help you expedite the decision-making process as early as during the design stages. Moreover, we can verify the mechanical structural performance of your components ahead of production.


CFD analysis

By performing simulations and thermo-fluid dynamics analyses we enable you to digitally test component performance during use. This can be achieved by applying appropriate physical hypotheses and boundary conditions to test component behaviour in a virtual environment.

The advantages
of integrated services

Digital design, FEM analysis and CFD analysis offer companies incomparable advantages when they are interlocked as integrated services.
The design of a new mechanical component, machine or system, the analysis of its structural resistance and the testing of its thermo-fluid dynamic performance before prototyping and production, enables the reduction of times and costs connected to design, while ensuring your company with a finished project that meets all requirements needed for its future application.
At TecnoHit we provide our clients with mechanical design, FEM analysis and CFD analysis services to support their R&D teams. We can also take care of your entire design work process, managing both the analyses and the modelling of 3D designs, delivering production-ready projects

and analysis

on multiple levels

Mechanical design, FEM analysis and CFD analysis apply to every industry and to all levels of production. As part of our field experience we have had the opportunity to design industrial mixers as well as wind turbines. We have applied CFD analysis to the study of oxygen masks, suction systems and heat exchangers and we have applied FEM analysis to automatic equipment. We have employed CFD simulation for wind tunnels and server rooms alike…

The results have provided our customers with data and statistics which have drawn attention to risks related to product performance, duration over time and efficiency.

Thanks to this, it has been possible to intervene by optimizing product structure before reaching production. The final product placed on the market was next to perfect, featuring both reduced design times and reduced costs, compared to traditional prototyping.