About us



We support R&D teams in 3D design, FEM analysis and CFD simulation.

We are a team of technical experts, engineers and analysts. We work side by side with your company, supporting you in the development of innovative and highly-performing mechanical components, machines, systems and finished products.

We employ cutting-edge software, such as Ansys, OpenFOAM, FEMFAT, Creo, Inventor and SolidWorks. By relying on our 3D design, FEM analysis and computational fluid dynamics simulation services, you can expedite time to market, save on prototyping phases and minimise margins of error in your finished projects

through teamwork

With over 25 technical experts working in our head office in Costa Volpino – between the Italian cities of Bergamo and Brescia – expertise and innovative footprint are the hallmark of each and every project. Through our teamwork we can ensure integrated services which make the difference. Our core services – 3D design, FEM analysis and CFD simulation – can be provided individually, however, the added value lies in their integration. Whether you are researching a new mechanical component, a piece of machinery or an industrial system, by combining these three analysis phases it is possible to predict critical issues without having to produce any real-life prototypes. Thanks to this approach, projects can be enhanced in the early stages, well before actual implementation. Any structural or critical issue arising from thermo-fluid dynamic loads is nipped in the bud, before either time or resources are invested in production.

Operating across industries

from aerospace
to microrobotics

Our engineering consulting services apply to any industry looking to design new highly-sophisticated components or looking to analyse outdated components presenting challenging issues.

Our ongoing projects cover a range of industries:


Oil & Gas

Energy and Power Generation





Mechanics and fluid dynamics are the sciences underlying any kind of product, piece of machinery or industrial system. Thanks to our flexibility we can support any industry, extending our engineering consulting services to manufacturers of electrical appliances, agricultural machinery, baby and child care, sport apparel and any other merchandise. By seamlessly improving product performance, we can ensure time saving and offer significant added value during design, analysis and testing phases.


based on quality

Accuracy, constant variable control, bordering zero margin of error. Our work is based on attentiveness and details, which is why we have a consolidated work process, which has led us to obtain ISO 9001:2015 certification as early as June 2016. A pledge to quality for companies that turn to us for design and analysis services and expect impeccable collaboration with rigorous and attentive technical experts.