Digital design
and analysis

We are a multi-industry engineering company: we provide 3D design, FEM analysis and CFD simulation services, available either as stand-alone or as integrated services. Our mission is to support Research & Development teams in reducing time to market and avoiding lengthy make & try processes. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we offer seamless work processes, where each single variable is analysed to the last detail. With us nothing is left to chance.




We employ cutting-edge software and a Lean Thinking mindset to deliver flawless projects, which will increase your competitiveness on the market, while streamlining your product industrialization process.


FEM analysis

Thanks to mathematical simulations we can help you expedite the decision-making process as early as during the design stages. Moreover, we can verify the mechanical structural performance of your components ahead of production.


CFD analysis

By performing simulations and thermo-fluid dynamics analyses we enable you to digitally test component performance during use. This can be achieved by applying appropriate physical hypotheses and boundary conditions to test component behaviour in a virtual environment.

From small component
to major industrial system

Our advanced engineering consulting services meet company needs across industries, from manufacturers of tiny components to multinational companies specialized in building large machinery and industrial systems. The sciences of thermodynamics and mechanics affect the automotive industry as much as the biomedical, oil & gas, chemistry and renewable energies industries, but also the automation, the iron and steel, the carpentry and the aerospace industries. Flexibility, ability to listen and analytical skills are the qualities which enable us to apply our expertise on multiple levels. We ensure competence and measurable results across industries, bringing added value to every single project and helping companies save on both time and resources.

Our services,
your advantages

Reduce Time to Market

Avoid make & try prototyping

Achieve tolerance optimization

Leverage on cutting-edge software

Prevent any structural issues

Improve energy performance

Streamline product industrialization

Enhance your choice of materials

Expedite the decision-making process

News and fun facts
about digital prototyping

7 February 2024

New partnership with DMagis: promoting and adding Altair suite in TecnoHit's numeric simulation tools