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By employing 3D design software and our technical expertise, we provide CFD analysis services in compliance with ISO 9011:2015 certified processes. Thanks to this, we can test the behaviour of mechanical components subjected to flows which may be either internal or external, single- or multi-phase, laminar or turbulent, compressible or incompressible, in free or in porous media, all this without the need for experimental campaigns or lab tests.

The advantages of
CFD analysis

CFD analysis applications

Thermo-fluid dynamic simulations should be carried out on any component destined to be immersed in fluid and/or through which fluid currents flow. Whether they are small components intended for the biomedical industry, or large industrial components for the renewable energy, petrochemical or automotive industries, thanks to CFD numerical simulation it is possible to predict the behaviour of any component which undergoes prolonged contact with fluids and/or heat, evaluate its performance and preventively intervene for its improvement.

CFD analysis can be performed on ready existing projects or on ready manufactured components, with the purpose of testing their behaviour in the presence of phenomena which are difficult to replicate in the lab. Thanks to CFD analysis software, such as Ansys and OpenFOAM, we can replicate a variety of situations and isolate the factors that occur within a specific phenomenon, thus identifying exactly which affect the component and implementing targeted actions for the improvement of the component itself.

The true benefits of applying CFD analysis to manufacturing come from the combination of CFD numerical simulation with mechanical design and FEM analysis. By digitally testing the product ahead of production, it is possible to speed up prototyping times, save on construction and testing costs and integrate FEM analysis and 3D mechanical design of the component into a single process. Thanks to the expertise acquired in the field, in our offices in Costa Volpino – between Bergamo and Brescia – we can follow every customer either with CFD analysis services or by developing more complex projects. In such projects, CFD numerical simulation is only one of the 3 steps of a process that aims at minimizing the margin of error, at reducing product time to market and which ultimately marks the success of an idea on the market.

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Learn more about our integrated services

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