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From our head office in Costa Volpino – between Bergamo and Brescia – we provide computational simulation services in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 certified processes. We can identify any mechanical structural issue in the preventive phase of your projects, making it possible to intervene and resolve issues before they reach production.

The advantages of
FEM analysis

When to perform FEM analysis

R&D teams should resort to FEM analysis whenever they are developing a new project and they are looking to optimize development times and ensure the product meets all expectations right from the first implementation. Thanks to predictive FEM analysis it is possible to avoid experimental tests at the end of the design process: the goal is, therefore, reached faster and with a greater degree of accuracy.

FEM analysis applies to any mechanical component of any size and destined to a wide range of industries, from medical to hydraulic, from automation to aerospace, from automotive to renewable energies. Thanks to the use of cutting-edge software such as Ansys and FEMFAT, there are no limits to structural verification achieved by FEM analysis, enabling any Research & Development team to find ever lighter, more performing and innovative solutions.

FEM analysis is only one side of a truly innovative project. In our offices we go the extra mile: not only do we carry out simulations and check component resistance, but we also take care of mechanical design and CFD analysis to predict how the product will behave during use and/or when it is subject to thermo-fluid dynamic forces. Thanks to the expertise of our engineers, we can offer customers an integrated service, supporting them from the idea to the final design, ensuring highly-performing mechanical components from every point of view.

Learn more about our
integrated services

Learn more about our integrated services

Do you want to be sure that the components you are designing are efficient from a mechanical structural point of view?

Remove any possible doubt thanks to FEM analysis and have your project evaluated before moving to production!