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Our mechanical design experts use cutting-edge 3D parametric and non-parametric software, such as SolidWorks, Creo, Direct Modeling and Inventor, to create highly sophisticated digital projects. Projects can also include a high number of mechanical components interacting with each other.

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R&D teams resort to our ISO 9001:2015 certified 3D mechanical design services because they know they can count on highly qualified engineers with the ability of delivering 3D and 2D projects in a short time with minimum margins of error. Furthermore, from our offices we can offer FEM analyses and CFD analyses in addition to 3D design services, to predict the mechanical structural performance of the components, as well as their behaviour under the action of thermo-fluid dynamic loads, providing an impeccable technical drawing ready for production.

Technical design with 3D software today is applied to any industry looking to design new components or to redesign outdated products with reduced margins of error.

From renewable energy to aerospace, from automotive to biomedical. Thanks to mechanical design any company aiming at overcoming the challenges set by the market and providing solutions with greater added value, can speed up the initial study and prototyping phases. Not only, it is also possible for companies to optimize the design and the preparation of technical 3D and 2D documents and verify both dimensioning and feasibility before starting the industrialization process.

In our head office in Costa Volpino – between Bergamo and Brescia –  we provide R&D teams with 3D mechanical design services, either as a stand-alone service, whenever companies decide to delegate technical design to field experts, or as an integrated service including FEM and CFD analysis.

In the latter case, design achieved through cutting-edge software is one of three steps which enable us to study project feasibility, by evaluating mechanical performance, operational behaviour and compatibility of all composing elements, for a greater added value.

Learn more about our
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Learn more about our integrated services

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